YOGALab – a group of like-minded practitioners who study yoga tradition

from ancient to modern times

Educational programme:

Classical Hatha Yoga

Yoga therapy

Therapeutic effect of postures and breathing on our health

The principles of building individual health sequences of postures and breathing

Yoga purificatory procedures

Developing harmonious and sincere strategies of behavior

Meditation techniques

Psychological practices

Everyone is invited to join

the group

Preliminary phone interview is required

Continuous contraindications:

- Generally heavy state of health when any actions is practically impossible, or lead to further worsening of health

- Mental disorders

- Borderline mental states

- Organic heart disease – uncompensated defects; paroxysmal tachycardia, atrial fibrillation, aortic aneurysm, myocardial degeneration

- Diseases of the blood

- Infections of the musculoskeletal system

- Severe traumatic brain injury, spinal injury with inadequate compensation

- neuroinfections

- Severe violations of the body schema

- Malignant neoplasm

Temporary contraindications:

- Systematic usage of large amounts of drugs

- Exacerbation of chronic diseases

- Post-operative period

- Strong physical fatigue

- Overheating and overcooling

- Body temperature above 37 degrees and below 36.2 degrees Celsius

- Professional or heavy amateur sports activity

- Full stomach

- Course of deep massage, "Zhen-chiu" therapy

- Use of the steam room or sauna allowed no earlier than six to eight

hours after the practice of asanas, or four hours before it


Monthlies are not a contraindication for classes. However, all power

and standing postures, heavy twisting and backbends are not recommended.

Please let me know about health problems that are not included to this list

during the interview. It is important for correct adjustment of your load.

Contraindications to yoga practice